Codementor Plans Marketplace For Freelance Developers

You will be able to hire Codementor’s brightest on the new marketplace for elite developers.


Codementor currently offers online educational programs for those wishing to learn to code in various computer languages, but now they’re looking to branch out. Codementor has raised $1.6 million in funding to develop a marketplace for the top-rated mentors on its site. These elite freelance developers would be available for hire to help programmers and companies seeking additional help on projects.

Over 5,000 mentors have been vetted by Codementor as experts in one or more computer languages. To become a mentor, applicants must first go through a video interview and peer-review process. Of those cleared to become a mentor in Codementor’s educational programs, only the top 2% qualify to take on freelance opportunities on Codementor.

With its new freelance marketplace, Codementor joins the competition with the likes of,, Upwork, Total, and GitHub Jobs. The advantage Codementor will have is that it can use the education side of its business to teach new individuals how to become good coders, and the best of those can, in turn, become mentors and offer their services in the freelance marketplace.

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