New Starbound Update Adds Ancient Dungeons, New Items

Explore Ancient Vaults to obtain the tech to terraform planets in this new update for Starbound. 


A new update is adding dungeons to Starbound, and with it comes a handful of more items, bosses, and challenges.

These dungeons are called Ancient Vaults, and they contain Ancient Loot, bosses, and items used to customize planets.

To access these Ancient Vaults, first complete the main story, then interact with the mysterious trader at the Outpost. They will send you on a quest to activate Ancient Gateways that have been recently discovered. The gateways will transport you to these Vaults. Complete these vaults and you’ll gain items capable of changing entire biomes on a planet, effectively “terraforming” planets.

Both Terraformers and Microformers offer different results, some of which are single-use while others offer more expansive results.

The update also notes bug fixes and other small adjustments, all of which are listed in the official patch notes on the Starbound website.

Starbound left Early Access earlier this year and became fully available for purchase on PC.

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