Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare first DLC Sabotage coming in late January

Four new maps and a new zombie co-op chapter are the highlights. And PS4 players get it first.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be getting its first DLC called Sabotage on Januray 31, adding four new multiplayer maps and a new co-op zombie experience.

The maps offer a bit of variety, including one called Dominion that is set on Mars, but is a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 map Afghan. The other maps include:

  • Noir: A futuristic look at the city of Brooklyn at night, It is a three-lane map set filled with cafes and parks spread around the downtown warzone.
  • Neon: Designed as a virtual training, this is a digitized battle arena where cars and other structures spawn out of thin air and enemies dissolve into hundreds of pixels when defeated.The three-lane map caters to all styles of play.
  • Renaissance: Set in Venice, this map focuses on narrow streets and familiar architecture ... and canals.

The new zombie experience is Rave in the Redwoods, which teleports the four characters to the 1990s, and introduces a new Slasher character in a horror film setting.

The DLC is part of the Season Pass, and will be available first for PlayStation 4 players. Xbox One and PC players will get it some time later after the exclusivity period has expired. If you don't have the season pass, the DLC will cost $15. 

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