Super Mario Run: How to Get More Toads and Win at Toad Rally

Be the best in the Toad Rally Mode in Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run has multiple modes, and although you'll start with World Tour, the real meat of the game comes in Toad Rally, In Toad Rally, you can compete against your friends for more Toads to fill your Kingdom. These Toadstool pals are essential for unlocking new items, so you'll want to rack up as many as you can in Super Mario Run's Toad Rally.

What to do in Toad Rally

As opposed to the linear level experience you'll get in Super Mario Run's World Tour Mode, Toad Rally takes chunks of the World Tour levels you've beaten and puts them together to create a new course. You can compete against your friends, or strangers in Toad Rally, and the objective is to get a higher score. The score is figured by how many coins you collect, and how many Toad fans you get during your run through the course.

How to be the Best at Toad Rally

Winning at Super Mario Run's Toad Rally is easier said than done, though. You're going to want to concentrate on two things: collecting coins and gaining fans. Collecting coins is easy, just run into them. Getting the Pink coins gets you more coins at a time, and you'll want to try and get them at every opportunity.

To get more fans, you have to perform tricks. To perform a trick, just tap the screen when Mario vaults over an enemy or something in the environment. You'll know you got a fan when you hear a bit of cheering. As you collect fans, you'll also fill the Coin Rush meter. Once the meter is full, all of the groups of coins you come across and the coins in "?" will be a higher amount.

Once the timer at the top counts down, your Toad Rally run will be over. The Toadette will tally your coins, and add the number of fans you gained to the total. If you have a higher number than your opponent, you win and gain more Toads to live in your Kingdom. If you lose, you'll lose some Toads.

Remember, you need Toads to unlock additional buildings, level up your Kingdom, and unlock other features in Super Mario Run. Each Toad Rally race also costs a Toad Rally Ticket, which can be gained either by collecting all the Pink coins in a level or by completing the Bonus Games that are available in the buildings you receive from Toad to place in your Kingdom.

If you're looking for more info on how to be the best at Super Mario Run, check our guide hub for more tips, tricks, guides, and walkthroughs!

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