Check Out Ellie Being Motion Captured For The Last of Us Part II

A decent into the uncanny valley.


Naughty Dog's announcement of The Last of Us Part II at PlayStation Experience 2016 has fans clamoring for the sequel to the 2013 hit. Nothing has been given away about the plot yet, but we can see they're already performing the motion capture sequences which will drive the emotions and actions of Ellie during the game.

It's incredible to see that motion capturing has got to the point where there's a direct translation of the actress in the studio's actions and the movements on Ellie's head model. We can already see that the textures are looking great as well, meaning this might be the game that pushes the PlayStation 4 to the point technically that the original The Last of Us pushed the PlayStation 3.

Naughty Dog hasn't confirmed a release date for The Last of Us Part II. Hopefully we'll get more info besides the PSX trailer in the coming months.

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