Final Fantasy 15: Where to Find All Royal Arms

Use our guide to complete Noctis' set of Royal Arms and make your Armiger power unstoppable!


Not too far into the plot of Final Fantasy 15 you'll encounter your first Royal Arm. Royal Arms originate from the past kings of Lucis, and as heir to the throne of Lucis, Noctis is the only party member that can use them. Each Royal Arm is unique, with its own stat boosts and method of play. In fact, some Royal Arms don't fit into the pre-defined weapons categories; one is a bow, and another is a throwing star.

Royal Arms are some of the most powerful weapons in FFXV, but there are some disadvantages to using them. The principal problem is that you lose a little bit of HP every time you use a Royal Arm. Another disadvantage is that there are weapons in the game that approach or surpass the strength of the Royal Arms. Collecting all of them though is a challenge, and the "Fateful Heir" trophy requires it.

The Main Story Royal Arms

Seven of The Royal Arms you have to collect as part of the story. Instead of giving you the locations of these (and possibly posting spoilers) we'll give the quest name in which you'll receive it.

Sword of the Wise

Quest Obtained: Legacy

Attack: 194

Stat Bonus:
+100 HP
+30 Vitality
+30 Magic
+30 Spirit

Axe of the Conqueror

Quest Obtained: The Power of Kings

Attack: 483

Stat Bonus:
+60 Strength
-80 Vitality

Swords of the Wanderer

Quest Obtained: The Sword in the Waterfall

Attack: 153

Stat Bonus:
+50 Vitality
+50 Strength

Blade of the Mystic

Quest Obtained: The Archaean

Attack: 396

Stat Bonus:
+150 HP
+20% Dark Resistance
+30 Vitality

Katana of the Warrior

Quest Obtained: Hand of the King

Attack: 361

Stat Bonus:
+100 Spirit
+25% Ice Resistance
+25% Lightning Resistance
+25% Fire Resistance
+50% Dark Resistance

Trident of the Oracle

Quest Obtained: Breath of the Glacian

Attack: 388

Stat Bonus:
+60 MP
+30 Spirit
+30 Vitality
+30 Magic

Sword of the Father

Quest Obtained: A King's Struggle

Attack: 141

Stat Bonus:
+100 Strength
+100 Magic

Hidden Royal Arms

These six Royal Arms are scattered throughout dungeons across Lucis. You'll have to seek them out, and some of them are guarded by strong daemons and beasts.

Scepter of the Pious

How to Obtain: The scepter may be one of the first of the hidden Royal Arms you find. On the trip to Cape Caem in Chapter 6, you're asked if you want to pull over a few times, one of which is when you're in the Southwest corner of Lucis. Here you'll find Malmalam Thicket. Make sure you're about level 35+ as the enemies here can hit hard if you're not. At the end of the thicket is a Bandersnatch, the boss, and the crypt containing the Scepter.

Attack: 237

Stat Bonus:
+150 Magic
+50% Dark Resistance

Mace of the Fierce

How to Obtain: The Mace of the Fierce is located in the Rock of Ravatogh. In the westernmost point of the map, there is a giant volcano. When you approach it, a quest will activate, and the Rock of Ravatogh will be marked on your map. Just follow the marker, and you'll find the crypt containing the mace.

Attack: 334

Stat Bonus:
+300 HP
-50% Ballistic Resistance

Star of the Rogue

How to Obtain: You'll find the Star of the Rogue in Myrlwood. To find Myrlwood, you'll have to go just south of the Vesperpool. Quest through the dungeon and defeat the level 38 Treant to get to the Star of the Rogue's crypt.

Attack: 177

Stat Bonus:
+20% Fire Resistance
+20% Ice Resistance
+20% Lightning Resistance

Bow of the Clever

How to Obtain: The Bow of the Clever is actually near where you start the game. You'll have to seek out the Balouve Mines in Leide and fight through the high-level monsters to obtain it. Make sure you're at least level 45-50 before you attempt to conquer the Balouve Mines.

Attack: 203

Stat Bonus:
+80 Magic
+50% Ballistic Resistance

Shield of the Just

How to Obtain: The crypt is in a forest west of Cauthess, the Disc. When you reach Saxham Outpost, look around in the wooded area near it. You'll know you've found it when you see Coeurls.

Attack: 251

Stat Bonus:
+1,000 HP
-50 MP
-100 Strength
+200 Vitality
+10% to all Resistances

Greatsword of the Tall

How to Obtain: The greatsword is hidden in Costlemark Tower which is located to the southeast of Cauthess, the Disc, directly south of the Chocobo racetrack in an area designated as the Fallgrove. This is a very hard dungeon, so you'll want to be around level 60 to conquer it.

Attack: 518

Stat Bonus:
+200 HP
-30 Spirit
-40% All Elemental Resistances

Let Your Armiger Shine!

Now that you have all the Royal Arms, you might want to start on another one of Final Fantasy 15's great sidequests. Take a look at our Final Fantasy 15 guides to plan your next destination in Lucis!

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