The Elder Scrolls Online to add player housing with February update

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After a hard day of adventuring, there is nothing like coming home, throwing your axe on the table and plopping into that comfy chair you made out of that creature you killed last month. And players in The Elder Scrolls Online will get the chance to create a place to prop up their feet after work in a new update planned for February.

The Homestead DLC will offer homes for the various races through an initial quest and unlocking various achievements in the zone where you want to place you new abode. Using gold for the purchase, players can buy hosuing as small as a room at an inn to something as large as a manor or estate. Homes that aren't available through unlocks can also be purchased through the Crown Store.

Once a player has the home, they can use the new Hosuing Editor to decorate. When the DLC launches, more than 2,000 items will be available to customize the dwelling. Players can craft items using trade skills, buy them from local vendors or get them through the in-game store. In addition, players can create a space for mounts and pets, hang encounter trophies on walls, or add crafting stations or target skeletons for weapons practice.

The homes will be considered an instance, so people won't be rushing to buy up land. The home will have a fast travel point on the map so players can get to it quickly. If you want to invite friends over, create a group from your guild roster or friends list and pop on over. And, if you happen to be exceptionally good at making your own furniture, you can earn a bit of cash by selling it to other players.

And don't worry about buying a watch dog or a pet dragon to keep watch on the place. Bethesda has informed the Thieves' Guild that homes cannot be vandalized or robbed.

The official release date is not finalized, but the update will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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