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Dark Souls 3 producer would like to bring the game to VR

As if the franchise was not difficult enough without motion-induced nausea.


The Dark Souls franchise is littered with the millions of bodies of players trying to get through the game. The difficulty of the series is one of its trademarks. Now imagine the game in virtual reality. It's something Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura and his team are exploring.

In speaking in a Golden Joystick Awards pre-show livestream (via UploadVR) last week, Yoshimura said that the publisher Bandai Namco and the developers at From Software are "hoping" to produce a Dark Souls VR title. He didn't offer any details, as the rapid-fire questions from the host may have caught him a bit off guard. However, his comments seem to indicate that something is in the works.

Let the speculation begin on just which VR devices we could see the game appearing on, but PlayStation VR is a logical first choice, given the series has always had a PlayStation presence. Wherever it ends up, the scare factor - and the difficulty - should increase quite a bit.

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