Mass Effect Andromeda's side missions include fighting giant bosses and raiding enemy bases

Loyalty missions will return as well, but BioWare has plenty of new meat for you to sink your teeth into.


The latest issue of Game Informer cracked Mass Effect Andromeda wide open, divulging details such as types of optional missions you can tackle outside of the main storyline (via GameSpot).

As series veterans would expect, hostile forces occupy many planets. You can staunch the tide of bad guys by finding and destroying enemy bases, but not without exercising a little prudence.

"These bases are pretty lengthy to take out, so if you approach one, you want to be prepared before you into it," said director Mac Walters. "It's fun, because there's a combination of systemic and scripted stuff in there. If you tip off too many enemies, the alarms start going off and you have to shut them off. And there's usually narrative tied around it."

Giant bosses roam planets, and you'll need to prepare to win those challenges, too. "You'll find creatures and encounters that are so far over-leveled to where you're at naturally on these areas and you can tell right away," said producer Mike Gamble. "We have a lot of other things like that, where you'll know that you're not ready for this, but you'll know you want to come back."

Not all side quests are steeped in action. As you explore planets, you'll find areas and items to scan. That data is sent back to your ship for analysis. Once analysis completes, you'll learn about items you can collect to upgrade your gear.

BioWare and publisher EA plan to reveal gameplay footage from Mass Effect Andromeda during next month's Game Awards. The game will be released next spring for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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