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Overwatch's Symmetra buff includes two Ultimates, improved attack range, and more

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed its plans to buff Symmetra to make her a less situational Hero in Overwatch.


Blizzard Entertainment has announced the long-awaited changes to Symmetra are coming to the Overwatch PTR very soon.

Symmetra has long been seen as a situational hero, which Blizzard has acknowledged just a few weeks ago. To fix this, Blizzard is giving Symmetra an overhaul to make her less situational by having her be the first Hero to have a choice of ultimates. Symmetra players will still be able to choose her teleporter, but a new shield generator ultimate will also be available that will create individual shields for the entire team.

To balance her out, Symmetra’s old shield ability is going to be replaced with a new Photon Barrier ability. It’s similar to Reinhardt’s barrier, although the Photon Barrier moves along a trajectory, which your team can use to move along a specific path.

In addition to these changes, Symmetra will be able to set up and relocate her turrets more quickly while her primary attack beam will be given a slight boost in its ability to lock onto enemies by giving it some more range.

The new and improved Symmetra will be available on the Overwatch PTR soon along with the new Oasis control map.

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