Ex-Vicarious Visions co-founders back in the game with new indie studio

Karthik and Guha Bala want to try something new.


It's hard to depart a company you started 25 years ago, but Karthik and Guha Bala did that in August when they left Vicarious Visions in April. After sevral months of silent running, they have re-emerged on the game scene with their new indie studio Velan Studios.

The studio will focus on experimental games, but the Balas said they plan on building some small teams first before they make any official announcements of what those gaems will be. “We are at a time when technology is exploding in every possible direction,” Karthik Bala, the Velan's CEO told GamesBeat. “New platforms, interfaces, sensors, cloud computing, maker technologies. The list goes on. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for new innovation, creativity, and commercial opportunity in video games.” 

“We’ve always been entrepreneurs at heart,” Guha Bala said. “It was time to go back to our roots as entrepreneurs.”

The company name is pulled from the Tamil language, with velan meaning spear bearer. The company logo reflects the tip of a spear.

"The goal is to build a core team, so we can build prototyping teams to explore gameplay and new experiences,” Karthik Bala said. “Our aspirations are to build a great studio.”

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