Facebook engineer ports Doom on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

But does it run Crysis?


Apple announced a new MacBook Pro back in October 2016 that did away with the function keys on its keyboard in favor or a Touch Bar. The Macbook Pro has started to make its way to customers, with some developers working on new ways to use the Touch Bar with their applications. One such developer is Facebook engineer Adam Bell who decided to port Doom onto the Touch Bar.

Surprisingly, Doom appears to run relatively well on the Touch Bar as we can see the Marine make his way through the first level of the game. As you’d expect from such a thin display, the game is extremely stretched out, which should make playing the entire game quite challenging. This is definitely one of those things that's cool to show off but has no real-world application as you could just play the actual Doom on your Mac.

[Via 9to5 Mac]

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