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"Pokémon games have gotten more sophisticated since the series’ debut 20 years ago, but the core mechanics of the main series titles have remained the same. Regardless of Pokémon-Amie, Super Training, hundreds of new Pokémon and new move-types, your quest in each game is the same familiar routine. You have to travel across your local region, fight eight Pokémon Gym leaders to get their badges, then challenge the Elite Four and the Regional Champion. For the last 24 games, this formula has been the driving force behind your Pokémon journey. Well in Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are no gyms or gym leaders, and your trip is a more complex and fulfilling road.

The plot in Pokémon Sun and Moon begins much like previous titles. You’ve just moved to the Alola region from Kanto, and everyone decides it’s time for you to go on your Pokémon adventure. You meet a couple of friends, Lillie and Hau, and they take you around in a tutorial-like adventure before you’re let go to explore, train, and battle at your discretion."

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