Master of Orion to get 'Revenge of Antares' DLC next month

Three new races will be playable, along with new game play mechanics.


The Master of Orion remake has been a fun romp of nostalgia for many strategy gamers. Wargaming is continuing to build on the feel-good release with the announcement  of a new DLC pack coming on December 1.

"Revenge of Antares" will include three new playable races, as well as a fourth race that will make like difficult for players. Players can choose not to buy the $9.99 expansion, but Wargaming still plans on adding the new races into the game, just not in playable form, meaning that players can form alliances, trade or do any of the things they do with the races they are not currently playing.

The new playable races include:

  • Trilarian: This peaceful aquatic race has abandoned the concept of war. However, when a true threat presents itself, their resolute honor compels them to fiercely fight for their objective.
  • Gnolams: This race is known as the most skilled traders in the galaxy, basking in the decadence that their wealth and luck brings them. This charmed race is the constant benefactor of good fortune, making them great allies or cunning enemies.
  • Elerians: Elegant, yet xenophobic, this race presents will trade and communicate with other races, yet reject any potential negative alien influence on the Elerian culture. This resistance to all outside cultures makes them uncompromising foes.

The Antarans will not be playable, but could be a thorn in the side of players. They are genetically engineered by ancient, unknown masters and are bent on galactic expansion through war. Heavily militarized and despotic, the Antarans move through the galaxy bending all they encounter to their will.

Check out the DLC announcement trailer:

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