Watch Dogs 2's multiplayer feature taken offline due to lag and crashing

The multiplayer portion of Watch Dogs 2 has been taken offline as Ubisoft reveals it currently causes the game to lag and crash.


Watch Dogs 2 is releasing today on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but unfortunately, it looks like one of the main features of the title, seamless multiplayer, is currently unavailable.

In a statement submitted to Shacknews, Ubisoft said it needed to disable the multiplayer portion of Watch Dogs 2 as it was causing the game to lag and crash periodically. “In order to eliminate that issue at launch and for players to enjoy a smooth game play experience, we have decided to wait to launch the seamless multiplayer feature so it would not impact the core gameplay experience.”

Ubisoft continues, “Players can fully enjoy the entire single-player experience without any concerns. Additionally, co-op is still fully functional by inviting friends through the game menu. However, the Bounty-Hunter mode and other activities that would occur with other outside players who enter your game will be unavailable until the issue is resolved.”

In our experience with Watch Dogs 2, we noticed its multiplayer portion would lag quite a bit when in use.

No word from Ubisoft as to when players could expect the multiplayer portion of Watch Dogs 2 to come back online.

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