Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks reveal version-exclusive monsters

More Pokemon Sun and Moon information have leaked. This time, we're learning what kind of Pokemon will be exclusive to either version.


Pokemon Sun and Moon found its way into the Nintendo 3DS of many fans around the world earlier this week, and as a result, some light spoilers were shared. We learned the stats of some Pokemon and were introduced to some menu items, but today, we’re finally learning what monsters are unique to each version of the game.

(SPOILER WARNING: If you want to go into Pokemon Sun and Moon fresh, don’t read beyond this line.)

While Nintendo already revealed some of the Pokemon that will be exclusive to either Sun or Moon, an image of more previously unannounced Pokemon has started making the rounds. Here’s an image of some newly-discovered exclusives that are available in either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon:


The image was created and published as a way to help educate Pokemon fans as to what version of the game they should purchase next week. Hopefully, players can use it in order to make an educated purchase when Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18th.

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