Dishonored 2 launch trailer asks how much blood you are willing to spill

Will Emily lose her humanity and compassion to regain what is hers?


Dishonored 2 is finally releasing this week (with a massive Day 1 patch in tow) and Bethesda has released the official launch trailer for the game. While it rehashes a lot of the old premises, it does offer a bit more of the trigger that sets the game in motion.

We see Delilah coming in claiming to be a Kaldwin and taking the throne from Emily. We see dad Corvo shocked and then stoned. And finally we see Emily going postal to get back everything she has know. Of course, the Outsider narrates it all with a bit of amusement, asking just how much we are willing to give up to get back what is ours.

It will be interesting to see the endings after playthoughs on high and low chaos. The wait is almost over.

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