Paladins 'Evie's Winter Classic' tournament expands to more regions, offers each a prize of $10,000

Developer Hi-Rez expanded the tournament in celebration of reaching four million players.


Previously open to players in North America and Europe, the Paladins "Evie's Winter Classic" tournament has expanded to players in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and Latin America (via MMO Bomb).

A $10,000 prize pool will be up for grabs in each region. Evie's Winter Classic begins on November 12 and runs through December 18. A breakdown of the tournament's rules can be found on the Paladins website.

Developer Hi-Rez opened the floodgates for more players in celebration of Paladins hitting four million unique users. "Paladins has a thriving community full of people who not only play Paladins themselves but love to watch others play at a competitive level,” said eSports manager Dan McHugh in a press release. "Every week there are new Paladins players making names for themselves, and this tournament will provide the rising stars of the growing Paladins community a chance to show their skills."

Paladins entered open beta on Steam back in September and is still in that phase of production. The game will enter closed beta testing on Xbox One and PS4 on an undisclosed date.

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