Digital voucher for Mass Effect: Andromeda teases a late-March release

A voucher for digital copies of the game list "21-Mar-2016," indicating an off-by-one error on the year.


Although Amazon has digital copies of Mass Effect: Andromeda up for pre-order and lists a release date of December 29, 2017, a digital voucher spotted by game-industry persona "Wario64" indicates a launch of March 21.

There's an incongruity, however. The voucher reads PLAYABLE ON 21-MAR-2016. Given that the voucher is new, the year portion of the date is likely a typo.

Another possibility: a Photoshopped image devised to fool fans hungry for any scrap of news related to the next chapter in BioWare's Mass Effect saga.

BioWare has unleashed a torrent of Mass Effect: Andromeda news this week, primarily through the December issue of Game Informer magazine, on newsstands now. A cinematic trailer focused on humanity's struggle for survival, and creative director Mac Walters told GI editors that Andromeda is a standalone story rather than the first chapter in a new trilogy.

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