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Apple patents special AR tech, Samsung apologizes for Galaxy Note 7, and more.


Welcome to Shack Taps, a semi-regular feature that summarizes relevant news in the mobile and handheld gaming spaces. Each summary offers an overview of a story, with a link to a source publication for greater detail.

Apple Patents AR-based Reality Mapping System for iPhone

Source: Modojo

Apple has been granted a patent that outlines plans for an augmented reality mapping system. According to patent details, the technology will transport an AR map onto your iPhone's screen so you'll be able to see salient information such as street names and points of interest. GPS-based navigation is also planned, so you'll be able to view the world through your iPhone as you walk to your destination instead of glancing back and forth between Apple Maps and oncoming traffic.

Samsung Takes Out Full-Page Ad to Apologize for Note 7

Source: Modojo

Samsung is running full-page ads in a number of mainstream newspapers to apologize for the myriad problems with its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone—including but not limited to the device catching on fire and exploding. The company's advertisement ran in Monday's editions of The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Prosecutors Raid Samsung Electronics HQ

Source: Modojo

Who said Americans cornered the market on political scandals? South Korean prosecutors raided Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul to investigate allegations that the electronics giant invested millions of euros into a foundation headed by a friend of President Park Geun-hye. Samsung representatives confirmed the raid but offered no comment.

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