Humble Unreal Engine Bundle has Shadow Complex Remastered for $1

Seriously, people - go spend $1 and get yourself a copy of Shadow Complex Remastered.


A new Humble Bundle has been announced which focuses primarily on games that have been created using the Unreal Engine.

The Humble Unreal Engine Bundle features a number of noteworthy games within its lineup, which includes Shadow Complex Remastered, Dangerous Golf, and Killing Floor for just $1. Those who pay more than average can pick up The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, ADR1FT while paying over $10 will net you a copy of The Culling.

In total, the Humble Unreal Engine Bundle features over $100 of content, and if you haven’t picked up Shadow Complex Remastered, we think you should pony up $1 just to pick it up and Killing Floor while your code for Dangerous Golf can mysteriously go missing. This bundle will be available for two weeks, so you have enough time to decide whether or not you really want to let go of that dollar.

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