Sombra is now available to play on Overwatch PTR

Get hacking before Overwatch's new hero becomes available on retail servers.


After Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Sombra would become available on the game's public test region (PTR) later today or tomorrow, the server-hacking and Uzi-toting hero materialized today.

If you play Overwatch on PC, you can join the PTR to take Sombra for a spin before she becomes publicly available.

Blizzard announced Sombra at last week's BlizzCon 2016 event following months of teasers. Shortly thereafter, the Overwatch hero page received an update detailing her abilities and some of her cryptic backstory.

Per Blizzard's M.O., Sombra's reveal included a beautifully animated cinematic teaser that sets the stage for her arrival. 

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