BlizzCon 2016: Hearthstone's next expansion is 'Mean Streets of Gadgetzan'

Hearthstone is going to the crime-ridden underworld of Gadgetzan.


At BlizzCon's opening ceremonies, the company announced the next expansion for Hearthstone: 'Mean Streets of Gadgetzan'

It focuses on three notorious crime families: the Grimy Goons, The Jade Lotus, and the Cabal, themed after street muscle, sneaky dealings, and dark magic, respectively. The expansion will include a new type of "tri-class card," which can be used in any of three classes, as defined by the street gang.

For example, Cabal cards can be Mage, Priest, and Warlock. The presentation showed off a Cabal Legendary card, Kazakus. He's a 4-mana 3/3, which can create a custom spell, letting you choose from among different mana costs and effects.

The presentation also showed off a few more cards. One is a Hunter weapon, the Pirahna Launcher weapon, which leaves behind a 1/1 Piranha each time you attack. A Rogue 5/5 minion gains stealth each time it kills an enemy. Finally, a new Priest card gives friendly minions +3 health.  

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