Steam launches DualShock 4 support in latest beta client

Native DualShock 4 support has come to Steam, although be aware this feature is still in beta.


Those looking to use a DualShock 4 controller in Steam will finally receive some relief as the latest beta client has officially launched its support for the controller.

The latest beta client for Steam requires users to toggle the feature, which can be done in the settings menu in Big Picture and then activate it within the “Add/Test Controller” settings. When activated, DualShock 4 controllers will have access to the similar customization / configuration options as Valve’s Steam Controllers, including native API support.

We were able to give this update a quick try, and while it’s great to see the familiar PlayStation icons displayed in Steam’s Big Picture, it certainly needs some work. One thing we noticed was the trackpad wasn’t being recognized, so we were unable to use it to navigate through Big Picture as well as in games that require a mouse input.

Since this feature is still in beta, you could give it a try if you like. But if you ask us, we’ll be keeping our InputMapper activated while Valve works out all of the kinks of native DualShock 4 support.

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