Nintendo Switch specs could include mini projector, motion controls, and more

While we don't know much about the Nintendo Switch, some newly-discovered patents may hint at some unannounced features.


Newly-discovered patents for the Nintendo Switch may hint at some previously unannounced features, including a camera and a mini projector.

Nintendo announced its Nintendo Switch just last week, although it didn’t reveal many details surrounding its next console. While we wait until January to learn more details, some new patents filed by Nintendo may hint at some unannounced features.

Its patents for the Nintendo Switch show the device may have a touchscreen, a camera, an accelerometer, and a rumble pack. Some of these features aren’t exactly new as both the 3DS and Wii U have all of these items, although one part of the patent filing shows the device equipped with a mini projector. Motion controls are also suggested in the patent, which appears to work in tandem with its mini projector.

While these patents show a promising set of features for the Nintendo Switch, we’d like to remind our readers that patents don’t always end up being in the final product. So while we’re excited for some of these features to make their way into the Switch, we’ll switch gears to being cautiously optimistic.

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