Dead Rising 4 Halloween trailer has Frank West dressed to kill

From a Girl Scout, to an executioner to even Street Fighter's Akuma, the right outfit can make zombie annihilation even more fun. 


Frank West has a bit of a crazy side in the Dead Rising series. Of course, killing zombies through three game can do things to a person's mind. So it isn't far-fetched to see Frank dressing up in some wildly crazy costumes in a new Halloween trailer for Dead Rising 4.

There a plenty of ways Frank sates his dress-up needs, from a Girl Scout outfit, to a dragon, a luchador and even Akuma from the Street Fighter series (another Capcom franchise, so no licensing issues here). It's all rather entertaining and just another fun way to get ready for the December 6 release of the game.

No wardrobe malfunctions are evident, except for a lot of blood on the clothes, but that should come out in the wash with a good stain remover.

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