Apple TV Gets A 'TV' App For More Unified Content

Tim Cook wants to change how you watch TV on your Apple TV and iOS devices. 


There's a new app making its way to Apple TV, and it's not Minecraft -- we already covered that. No, this is something much bigger. It's simply called "TV," and it's a universal app meant to offer similar TV content across several devices.

“With Apple TV, we want the experience on your television to be as great as the experience across the rest of your Apple devices,” Tim Cook was on hand to say. He went on to say that he wants it to "change how you watch TV on your Apple TV as well as your iPhone and iPad."

Essentially, the app will take the shows and movies from the streaming services you're already logged into and present them to you, much like the Roku allows you to search across multiple accounts and services.

You'll be able to get the new TV app on tvOS, iOS, and macOS beginning this December in the US, with software updates that

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