Battleborn adds its 29th Hero to its roster, Kid Ultra

Kid Ultra may have been designed to help children, but we know he'll be pushing adults around with his abilities.


2K and Gearbox Software have revealed the 29th playable hero for Battleborn, named Kid Ultra.

Kid Ultra was originally designed to be a childcare professional as it’s equipped with a wide variety of cartoons and comics within its databanks. He serves as the pinnacle of LLC support technology as he can assist or subdue targets, although he could probably still entertain youngsters if they came along with his wealth of entertainment.

Here is Kid Ultra’s list of abilities:

  • ROCKET GAUNTLET: Loaded with six quick-fire rockets that detonate on impact.
  • ROCKET VORTEXT: Fire up to three rockets in a tight spiral.
  • SUPPORT DRONE: Deploy a healing drone to follow a target ally, temporarily increasing their maximum health and healing them over time. Max 2 drones at once.
  • BOLA SNARE: Fire bolas that pass through units and slow any enemies in its path.
  • (Ultimate) TO THE RESCUE: Activate to enter hover-mode and increase mobility. Deactivate to exit hover-mode, provide a burst of health to yourself and nearly allies, and push back enemies.
  • (Passive) AURA OF JUSTICE: Participating in kills boosts nearly allies’ damage for a limited time.

Kid Ultra will be available to play starting today, but only for Battleborn Season Pass and Digital Deluxe owners. Everyone else can gain access to him on November 3rd for 47,500 in-game credits.

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