Everybody's Gone to the Rapture heads PlayStation Plus games for November

Costume Quest 2 and Dirt 3 are the PS3 offerings.


Sony has released the list of its PlayStation Plus offerings for November and Dear Esther fans will be happy to see Everbody's Gone to the Rapture on the PS4 list.

The spiritual successor from The Chinese Room is joined by other PS4 offering The Deadly Tower of Monsters, a campy sci-fi B-movie game that has a decent following. As for the PS3 offerings, Costume Quest 2 and Dirt 3 are available, with Letter Quest Remastered and Pumped BMX+ as the Vita titles. The handheld games are cross-buy with PS4.

As a reminder, your PlayStation Plus games from October will be leaving the Instant Game Collection on October 31 to make way for the new games on November 1. So if you haven't played them yet, you have less than a week to try them.

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