Windows 10 and Xbox One getting native broadcasting, custom tournaments, and more

Microsoft has announced a number of features will be available for both Windows 10 and Xbox One that will make it easier to stream, create tournaments, and more.


During today’s Microsoft “Imagine What You’ll Do” event, the company has announced some major improvements are coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

One of the first features Microsoft will be adding to Windows 10 is native game broadcasting. When the Windows 10 Creators Update releases in Spring 2017, it will feature native support for Beam, which means anyone can start streaming their gameplay experience without having to install any third-party software.

The next feature Microsoft is making available to both Windows 10 and Xbox One is the ability to create custom tournaments through the use of Arena on Xbox Live. The tournament organizer can customize it in a number of ways after the game has been selected. Customization options include platform preference, who can participate, tournament name, game mode, and tournament style. Once all of the options have been selected, the tournament creator can sit back and allow Arena to do the work for them.

The final update Microsoft announced for its “gaming” section of its event was the fact that bitstream audio passthrough, which will include Dolby Atmos support, will be available for Blu-ray discs when the Creators Update rolls out to the Xbox One.

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