Dead by Daylight's Halloween update welcomes Michael Myers to kill again today

Halloween just wouldn't feel right if Michael Myers weren't involved in some way, don't you think?


Starbreeze and Behaviour have announced a Halloween Chapter is now available for Dead by Daylight, and with it, the iconic horror-film classic killer, Michael Myers, will stalk his prey yet again.

The Halloween Chapter will release later today and will include a version of Michael Myers that has been modeled after the original character from his debut film, “John Carpenter’s Halloween.” In addition to adding everyone’s favorite slasher to Dead by Daylight, a new survivor named Laurie Strode and a new map called Haddonfield, which is described as a “picturesque replica of the fictional town in Illinois, USA” have been included. In other words, if you love the original Halloween film, then this Dead by Daylight update appears to have all of your bases covered to offer a similar experience, minus all of the actual murder and bloodshed.

“We’re absolutely psyched to introduce ‘John Carpenter’s Halloween’ characters in Dead by Daylight” said Mikael Nermark, Starbreeze COO and head of the Publishing division. “It’s been a blast seeing the characters come to life with Behaviour’s talented team making the outmost of the rich lore available.”

Halloween takes over Dead by Daylight later today and will retail for $6.99 on Steam.

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