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Pokemon Go earned $600 million in revenue faster than any other mobile game

The game continues to earn millions every day.


Despite losing over three quarters of paying customers since its release back in July, Pokemon Go became the fastest game to reach $600 million in revenue, according to market research firm App Annie. (via Venture Beat).

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play title; microtransactions account for 100 percent of its revenue.

Even more impressive, Niantic's AR game hit the milestone within its first 90 days of availability—significantly faster than other popular mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

Although it hit peak popularity between July and September, Pokemon Go still rakes in a significant revenue daily. It drew in roughly $16 million a day early on, and now earns approximately $2 million a day. That number fluctuates, of course, depending on how many people are playing.

Moreover, Pokemon Go dominated play time during the third quarter. "Pokemon Go accounted for 45 percent of the time spent in Android games in the third quarter, compared to 55 percent for the next 19 games," per Venture Beat.

Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo have no plans to let its mobile cash cow fade quietly into the night. The developer continues to roll out features like the Buddy System, as well as special events such as Halloween-themed pocket monsters and Candy items.

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