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Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Terminal Remake This Weekend

Get your Terminal on with this weekend's beta, which is more widely available now. 


If you miss Modern Warfare 2's Terminal map, mourn no more. It's getting a remake that you can play in the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta this weekend.

It was one of the most well-liked maps as far as Modern Warfare 2 players were concerned, and Infinity Ward has taken the opportunity to bring it back for players bummed about having to move on from it ever since Modern Warfare 2 went out of vogue forever go.

Though the map is only available right now as a preorder bonus, everyone will get to try it out this weekend during the multiplayer beta, which is available to all PlayStation 4 owners regardless of preorder status. For Xbox One players, however, you'll need to have preordered the game to access the beta. Yes, that's backwards and yes, it's frustrating. But you can always cancel your preorder if you decide after playing that it's not quite something you fancy.

After having played some of the beta, I can confirm it's definitely an interesting engagement. Give it a look this weekend ahead of its November release.

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