Battlefield 1 Early Enlister discovers bug that drops its resolution down to 160x90

No need to get new glasses. These images really are that blurry.


EA has released the Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, which means those who are willing to pay a little more than its retail value will be able to access the game prior to its official worldwide release on October 21. But it appears one interesting glitch has made its way into the PlayStation 4 version that knocks down its resolution to a ridiculous amount.

According to Reddit user 12thedata12, and additional users who have noticed this same thing issue on their versions of the game, the dynamic resolution scaling feature might be going a bit too far in order to achieve 60 frames per second. That’s because the feature will allow Battlefield 1’s resolution to go as low as 160x90. Screenshots of the game in action running at below optimal resolutions can be seen below:

BF1 Conquest Low Res PS4 Frames

This is quite the bug for EA to not have noticed prior to launching Battlefield 1’s Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, which we’re sure the company will take notice of and patch it prior to its worldwide release. Until then, we wouldn’t blame PlayStation 4 owners for not being happy with their purchase if they run into this bug.

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