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Prey trailer reveals the history leading to an alien containment breach in space

No gameplay, but a decent animated look at some of the back story leading up to the game.


We've seen a bit of the inside of Talos 1 station in Prey, wher Morgan Yu will try to save humanity from some encroaching alien threat. But we really don;t know much about the station itself and why it was created. A new animated video from Bethesda and developer Arkane Studios gives us a bit of insight.

Don't expect any gameplay, just some alternate history leading up the current setting for the game. The setup has John F. Kennedy avoiding assassination, taking over a Soviet station that had an unfortunate run-in with the new aliens and eventually creating the Talos 1 reserach facility. Of course, then things get a bit weird for the game:

"In the few years since TranStar took over, the station has been used as the testing ground for some morally dubious experiments, with people on board serving as subjects – people like Morgan Yu," according to the description. "After awakening on Talos I, Morgan finds the station overrun by a previously contained non-terrestrial entity called Typhon, which the scientists had been studying and using to improve the scope of human abilities. Aided by strange alien-based powers, Morgan must survive the incursion, uncover the mysteries surrounding the Typhon and save humanity from the impending danger aboard the station."

Prey is planned for a 2017 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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