Sony reportedly planning to develop smartphone games for March 2018 release

A new contender has emerged as Sony reportedly plans to enter the smartphone market with a number of new games.


Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly planning to create five or more smartphone games, based on a number of popular PlayStation series, for release around late March 2018.

Nikkei reports a number of older games that can’t be played on the latest hardware are expected to be brought back to life. The games Sony is currently planning to develop for more are expected to have an ability to link to consoles as well, which we assume means we can expect achievements, leaderboards, or maybe even an ability to play the mobile game on your console through Remote Play.

These mobile games are expected to target Japan and surrounding Asian territories with Sony’s FowardWorks expected to handle distribution. Sony “will likely” announce its mobile titles that are currently in development by the end of 2016.

Considering Nintendo has made an absolute killing with its debut in the mobile game market, especially with the release of Pokemon Go, we’re not particularly surprised to hear another major game developer and publisher wants to get a piece of the mobile gaming pie. Sony has some great first-party games that could easily make the jump to mobile as well as revivals. We’d love to see such classic games as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Ape Escape make their way to our phones.

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