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PlayStation VR is already profitable at launch

The PlayStation VR marks one of the few times a new piece of hardware has been profitable at launch.


Sony Interactive Entertainment president Shawn Layden has revealed Sony is already selling its PlayStation VR at a profit at launch.

"We’re making money on the VR console," Layden said during an interview with Polygon.

This appears to be quite the departure from how console manufacturers used to handle its business. It wasn’t uncommon for manufacturers to sell their new system at a loss during launch, although Sony appears to have changed things around this generation.

Even though it initially sold the PlayStation 4 at a loss during its initial launch, the company quickly turned this around in 2014 as CEO Kazuo Hirai revealed that was no longer the case.

To hear a piece of hardware has already reached profitability at its launch is surprising news, although not that surprising if we’re talking about Sony as they’ve now learned how to manufacture something without taking a huge hit in its profits. We’re sure the PlayStation VR will continue to be profitable for Sony as more games are released for the platform.

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