New Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer introduces us to new Pokemon and Trainers

There's a bunch of new Pokemon and their evolutions to learn about in today's trailer, as well as new trainers.


Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that introduces to some new trainers, Pokemon and their evolutions.

One of the first Pokemon evolutions highlighted in today’s video is Silvally, which is a Normal type Pokemon, but its ability is anything but ordinary. Its RKS System allows it to change its type based on the item it’s holding, making it quite versatile during battles. We get to see some of this type-changing in action as Silvally uses its Multi-Attack unique move, which can will match its current type.

Next up is Jangmo-o, which evolves into a Hakamo-o, and then a Kommo-o, both of which are briefly shown during today’s video along with its Clanging Scales unique move. Following Jangmo-o’s evolution is Bounsweet’s, which evolves into a Steenee and then a Tsareena. Its unique ability, Queenly Majesty, can stop attacking Pokemon in their tracks, while Trop Kick can then put them in their place.

One new Pokemon is being introduced in today’s video, and it’s a Robombee, which is a combination Bug and Fairy type Pokemon. Its unique abilities are Honey Gather and Shield Dust, although it looks like we only get a glimpse of its Honey Gather ability.

Grimer and Muk are getting alternative Alola forms as they’re a lot less grey and more multicolored. Even though they may look friendlier in their new colors, there’s no doubt they’re still dangerous Poison- and Dark-type Pokemon.

Finally, we’re introduced to two new Pokemon trainers: Olivia and Ilima. Olivia is described as “the Kahuna of Akala Island” who appears to favor Rock-type Pokemon. Ilima, on the other hand, is a Trial Captain that favors Normal type Pokemon.

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