Dishonored 2 dev video show off complexity behind creating epic missions

One playthough of the game coud reveal as little as 20 percent of the whole game.


The release of Dishonored 2 is less than a month away, but Bethesda keeps pumping out videos for the game. The latest has the developers at Arkane discussing some of their favorite missions and just what goes into creating an epic feel for those levels.

We have already seen a couple videos of the Clockwork Mansion, with various playthoughs in low chaos or high chaos with a non-lethal conclusion, but now we get to see a bit more of a level that will allow players to bounce back and forth in time in a mansion, as well as a look at the Royal Conservatory museum. The goal was to have the same type of missions with mutiple options as in the original Dishonored, while offering new missions and locales that added a bit more fun when choosing how to play through them.

One thing that lead designer Harvey Smith pointed out was that a single playthough of the game could reveal as little as 20 percent of the game and the game world. "It feels to us like no two players will have exactly the same path," he said. 

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