StarCraft 2 mod lets players play the game in cartoon mode

StarCrafts is now out, based on the animated YouTube series.


StarCraft 2 can be pretty intense. Just ask the thousands of professional players who master the Zerg, Protoss and Terrans, or any of the people that have taken in matches an BlizzCon or elsewhere. Carbot Animations has done something about that, finally releasing a mod that turns the entire game into a cartoon.

Based on the YouTube animated series, StarCrafts is usuable with the free starter edition of StarCraft 2 and has the full support of Blizzard. The mod is available via StarCraft Arcade. Load up Arcade, and search for the mod to install it. The only catch is to search for "Star Crafts", with the space, to find it.

StarCrafts is currently in season 4, having slowly expanded from episodes of about a minute to some now running more than four minutes. The launch trailer for the mod will give you a great idea of the tongue-in-cheek nature of the mod.

And then SC2 pro gamer Crank gave it a try:

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