Mafia 3: All Hot Rod Magazine Locations

Let us help you build your Hot Rod magazine collection in Mafia 3. 


Among the many different side activities available in Mafia 3, players can collect a number of different magazines scattered throughout New Bordeaux. We’ve already taken a look at where to find all of the Playboy Issues, but each district has at least one Hot Rod magazine issue as well. Most of these are located inside garages and auto shops around the world. Let us help you find them!

Delray Hollow
June 1968 - This issue is located on the desk in the back corner office of the Auto Service.

River Row
May 1968 - To get this issue, locate the train car by the wall dividing the train yard from the street. The issue is inside of the car.

Pointe Verdun
January 1968 - Find this issue on the workbench inside the garage of the Best Oil service.

Barclay Mills
January 1966 - Find the scrap barge on the river, and you’ll be able to pick up amongst the scrapped vehicles on board.

June 1966 - Enter the sewer through the car garage in the district, and the issue is on a workbench inside.

Tickfaw Harbor
February 1965 - There is a building in this district with a large set of stairs leading to the roof. Climb the stairs, and the issue will be on the roof of the building.

Frisco Fields
December 1968 - Find the used car lot here, and the issue is on a workbench in the south end of the building.

French Ward
May 1964 - There’s a garage nestled in between two houses in this district. Inside of the garage on the workbench, you’ll find this issue.

March 1968 - Look on the workbench inside of one of the industrial garages in Southdowns for this issue.

Bayou Fantom

*There are three Hot Rod magazines hiding in this district.*

September 1966 - Find this issue on a picnic table beneath a shelter in one of the area campsites.

November 1968 - Inside of the small office behind one of the warehouse shops in this district, you’ll find this issue on top of a file cabinet.

August 1968 - Look on the workbench in the Targo Fueling Station to find this issue.

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