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Relive Red Dead Revolver On PlayStation 4

PlayStation 2 classic makes the jump to modern hardware.


Fans of the Red Dead series are celebrating today with the release of Red Dead Revolver on the PlayStation 4. Red Dead Revolver was originally released on the PlayStation 2 and joins the fraternity of classic games getting re-released on modern consoles.

Fans were expecting Read Dead Revolver a while ago after a little error by Sony. They had Read Dead Revolver on the Australian PlayStation store but pulled it as quickly as it was uploaded to the shop. It was nowhere to be seen until now when the folks down under regained the opportunity to purchase Read Dead Revolver again.

However, this will be the first time that folks in the United States will be able to replay Read Dead Revolver on the PlayStation 4. This will set you back $15 but it does come with remote play, trophies to earn, and second screen support.  It will be interesting to see when players get to enjoy the rest of the Red Dead franchise on the PS4, like their Xbox One counterparts who have been enjoying Read Dead Redemption since the summer.

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