Oculus Connect 3: Recap of announcements

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Oculus opened the floodgate on announcements at today's Oculus Connect 3 conference. Consider this your one-stop shop for today's news. Links to Shack coverage can be found below. Each story also includes an overview that hits highlights.

Oculus Touch Preorders Open October 10

Oculus hopes to add a new layer of immersion to its VR games with the Touch controller. You'll be able to pre-order the peripheral beginning on October 10, next Monday. Touch runs for $199 and will ship to buyers on December 6. Every Touch includes one extra sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR. You can purchase additional sensors for $79 each, and three sensors opens up the option to take advantage of room-scale VR.

Touch ships with two games: The Unspoken, a fantasy game where you learn spells and duel against other wizards; and VR Sports Challenge, a mash-up of challenges themed around sports including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

New Footage for Oculus Touch Games Revealed

Overview: A number of trailers debuted during today's keynote, showcasing games compatible with Oculus Touch. Titles include Lone Echo by Ready at Dawn, Arktika 1, and Roborecall.

Laptops and Additional Peripherals

Oculus Earphones give you thumping bass output combined with balanced mid/high sound levels, and they pack noise-isolation materials to block out external sounds. You can pre-order them on October 10 for $49; they ship on December 6 alongside Touch controllers.

If the idea of jumping in and out of virtual reality anywhere, anytime tickles your fancy, you'll be glad to know that Oculus has broadened its range of Oculus Ready-branded notebook PCs. Manufacturers joining the lineup include Lenovo, ASUS, AORUS, and Gigabyte. Head to Oculus' site to browse the roster.

Oculus Parties, Rooms, and Avatars

A common complaint among VR's detractors is that popping up a headset isolates users from the outside world. Oculus addressed that by unveiling Oculus Parties. Initiating a Party triggers a voice call with up to eight other individuals from anywhere in your VR environment. Along the same lines, Oculus Rooms are digital spaces where you and friends can meet up to chat, watch movies, and play games, Matrix style.

Oculus says Rooms and Parties will become available "in the coming weeks," per an email sent to Shacknews.

Make sure you look your best before entering a Room by customizing an Oculus Avatar. "With more than one billion permutations available—from unique textures to clothing, accessories, and more—you can build something that truly represents your own style," according to Oculus. Avatars will roll out for Touch at launch in December, and for mobile early next year.

For more info on any and all things Oculus, hit up the official blog.

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