Grand Theft Auto 5 mod shows the Galaxy Note 7's explosive side

Want to experience the explosive power of the Galaxy Note 7, but don't want to lose any digits? Then you should check out this mod.


It’s no surprise the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has hit a huge snag given how many reports there have been of devices suddenly exploding. Which is why the phone’s inclusion in Grand Theft Auto 5 seems fitting given its explosive properties.

GTA5-Mods user HitmanNiko created a mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 that replaces its Sticky Bomb weapon with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Since it has the same properties as the Sticky Bomb, players are able to attach it to vehicles, buildings, and anything else its sticky surface can adhere to.

HitmanNiko did a nice job of creating the Galaxy Note 7 within Grand Theft Auto 5 as its screen, body, logos, and even its default wallpaper can be seen when the player holds it. Even though it looks like a Galaxy Note 7, we think its destructive capabilities may have been exaggerated for this mod.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a phone on hand, so we can’t tell you for sure. And if we did, we probably would be keeping it as far away from us as possible.

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