Driveclub VR to launch same day as PlayStation VR

You do need launch titles to go with the new gadget, right?


Driveclub from Evolution Studios was a fairly popular racing title for the PS4, and when Sony announced the PlayStation VR, it made sense to bring the racing experience to virtual reality. So the game will launch when PSVR is released to the masses on October 13.

"Recreating Driveclub as a standalone VR title was a huge task," Nicola Orru, principle programmer at WWS Immersive Techonoly Group, said in a blog post. "As you know, Driveclub had a vast amount of content, so reengineering the game to render everything in stereoscopic 3D, natively at 60Hz and then adding the head tracking with 120Hz visuals took a long time. In addition, the team added several VR-specific features and made the game look every bit as amazing as you would expect."

The game, which was created Evolution and former members now working for WWS, will cost $39.99, but season pass holders as of yesterday will be able to get it for $19.99. It will be available on Blu-Ray or through digital download.

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