Dishonored 2 trailer shows Emily using her skills like Clockwork

The mission against the Grand Inventor with a non-lethal ending.


For those eagerly rubbing your hands together in anticipation of Dishonored 2 coming on November 11, you can whet you appetite with this new trailer showing off Emily Kaldwin taking on the Grand Inventor in his Clockwork Mansion.

The trailer shows her using many of her abilities with precision as she battles guards and robotic sentries to take on Kirin Jindosh, who threatens to dissect her if she fails. The mansion is incredibly intricate, with levers that change room layouts, reveal one door to hide another, and bring out more enemies. The mission is a bit of a spoiler showing how she plays through and accesses various parts of the place, while culminating with a non-lethal finale that has Jindosh trapped in one of his own inventions, begging for mercy.

Another video is coming tomorrow, also set in the mansion, where Emily is tasked with saving Anton Sokolov, who is in some "assessment chamber" within the building. If you remember, he was in the first game, and was also mentioned as an achievement for this game. 

Bethesda also revealed that pre-ordering the game on any platform will let players get their hands on the game a day early, so if you haven't pre-ordered, that might be incentive, depending on how desperately you want this.

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