Ubisoft bought back a number of shares to thwart a possible takeover by Vivendi

The reclaimed shares amount to an additional 3.2 percent stake.


In an effort to ward off a possible takeover by Vivendi, Ubisoft repurchased shares in its company from Bpifrance bank through its share buyback program (via Gamasutra).

Ubisoft paid $137.9 million to reclaim 3.625 million shares, representing 3.2 percent of the company's total capital. The buyback from Bpifrance will become official in November. " We want to express our warm gratitude to Bpifrance for its support during all these years," CEO Yves Guillemot said in a press release.

This marks the latest attempt by Ubisoft founders and brothers Michel and Yves Guillemot to protect their company from a hostile takeover by Vivendi. This past June, Vivendi successfully took over Ubisoft's mobile-focused studio Gameloft by slowly purchasing enough stock to attain a minority leadership role.

Michel Guillemot resigned from Gameloft following the takeover, and Yves Guillemot has been vocal in expressing Ubisoft's desire to remain independent. "Creativity, agility, and risk-taking is intrinsic to our industry," he said in an interview with GameSpot. "If you are independent, you know the level you can go to, but if you're part of a conglomerate that doesn't understand what your industry is, how fast it's moving, or the decisions you have to make at speed, they can limit your possibilities."

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