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Jotun devs announce Sundered, a hand-drawn Metroidvania for PC and PS4

The studio behind Jotun have announced its upcoming game, Sundered, will have players fighting to survive, and for their sanity.


Thunder Lotus Games, the studio best known for its game Jotun, has announced a new project which includes much of what worked from the game, such as its art style, big boss fights, and immersion, and fused it with an infinite replayable and nonlinear action game within the Metroidvania genre.

Sundered is described as a game where players will fight for survival, as well as their sanity, as they assume the role of Eshe. Eshe is a wanderer who discovers a ruined world and trapped by ever changing caverns filled with eldritch horrors. Players will need to harness the power of corrupted relics in order to fight gigantic bosses, but doing so will take a piece of your humanity away.

Sundered will feature multiple endings, although Thunder Lotus Games doesn’t go into detail as to what players will have to do in order to achieve these multiple outcomes. Players should also expect dynamic encounters against hordes of enemies all within a procedural world.

Sundered is currently expected to release on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 in 2017.

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