Hitman Master Fortune Teller Challenge Pack puts fan methods in the game

Your fortune is that you have no future. I see your death.


Hitman has been pretty busy with its elusive targets lately, and Agent 47 will be going to Colorado soon for more action. But for players that want to stay in Marrakesh, Square Enix has released a new challenge pack pulled from the communtiy's creativity.

The Master Fortune Teller Challenge Pack offers five new challenges, with each requiring players to don a fortune Teller disguise, and then be creative in the way they eliminate the targets. The challenges reflect the way a lot of members of the Hitman audience have been playing the game since the Marrakesh episode came out in July.

The challenges include: 

  • Future Events: Disguise as the Fortune Teller without killing him.
  • Seven Years of Bad Luck: Kill five targets in five different accidents while disguised as the Fortune Teller.
  • It Was an Axeident: Kill five targets with an axe while dressed as the Fortune Teller.
  • Wishful Thinking: Kill both main targets in the "A Gilded Cage" mission with a sabre while disguised as the Fortune Teller.
  • Master Fortune Teller: Complete all Fortune Teller Challenges.

Of course, doing all these difficult taks means little if you don't get some good loot to goi with it. Finishing all the challenges grants 23,000 Location Mastery XP and TAC-4 Desert Assault Rifle.

The pack is available today, but only if you have to have the Marrakesh episode installed.

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