Rocket League's next DLC 'AquaDome' announced for October release

We hope you know how to swim because Rocket League will be taking us under the sea next month.


Prepare to go under the sea as Psyonix has announced its next update for Rocket League will take players to its AquaDome for free in October.

AquaDome is the first standard Arena the studio has released since its Utopia Coliseum and is expected to be available across all playlists, including Competitive, when it’s released in October.

The new arena is inspired by the seven seas, the various creatures that call it home, and various machines that humans use to study both the underwater environment and its habitats.

The AquaDome update will also include the launch of two new Battle-Cars: Triton and Proteus. Triton is described as a slick, futuristic ocean submarine, while Proteus is a more research-focused vessel. Both new vehicles will be individually priced at $1.99.

In addition to today’s news, Pysonix has released a new trailer showcasing the AquaDome update. So grab your snorkel and hit play to learn more about it!

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